by Lindsey Fox

Polka dots, zebra, and leopard...Oh My!

So if you really know me you know that I absolutely love almost anything that's polka dots or zebra print or leopard print! I truthfully like almost all animal print haha! So I was going through a few of my things and found a few that I absolutely love that really come in handy!

So I found these super cute tweezers at the most unexpected place...The Dollar Tree! I was in the checkout line and there they were lol. Surprisingly they work pretty well and they are actually sharp too! They had lots of other animal prints and designs but as I said before I love leopard print hehe!

I found this zebra print make-up bag at Wal-Mart. I actually have two polka dotted ones too bigger one for trips and a smaller one to take places with me. This one has just been more convenient because not only is it a lil wider than the other but it's the same length so I can fit lots in here lol!

My cute lil camera case that I also found at Wal-Mart!! For the longest time I didn't have one and somehow I ended up with a crack on the screen of my camera...but now I finally have one!!

Lastly, my pink zebra print laptop bag!! I love love this bag! Big thanks to my mom that found it, I have no idea where at though since it was a Christmas gift lol. So thanks mom!


  1. I love this stuff! Did you get the tweezers down this way or where you live?



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