by Lindsey Fox

My birthday!!

So today is my birthday and it's almost over! I must admit although I truly do appreciate all of the wonderful birthday wishes and happy birthdays, I was a little sad at first this morning, I truly miss my husband and wish he was home already! Then I got a great surprise and he sent me flowers...

I think they are beautiful...he sends me flowers all the time from this great website called but this time they were a little different...a dozen red roses and lilies!! Thank you baby! I love you!! You made my day even though you couldn't be here! I had already gotten my birthday present from him (a gift card to MAC cosmetics) so that was sooo great :)! I got lots of great goodies thanks to my husband haha!

I didn't do anything today for my birthday today, but last night I went out to eat with my sister and her husband who has just returned from Afghanistan (welcome home Tristan)! I didn't get to take any pics from that but I do have pics from his homecoming so maybe I will do a blog about the ceremony and post the pics later!

Well it has been storming here lots and lots the last few days with tornado and flood warnings! So I am off to feed the baby and get us in the bed, hopefully the lights won't go out ahh!


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