by Lindsey Fox

Happy Momma's Day!!

Hi everyone! So I know it has a been a while so let me start off by saying Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful momma's out there! I hope your day was filled with lots of love and wonderful things! Today I picked my son up from his friend's house (he stayed over night after the birthday party he went to yesterday), then we went to see family because my sister was having a cookout so it was nice to see everyone!
This time last year my husband took me and our son to Lake Winnie, it's one of the oldest amusement parks, it's in Georgia! Since my husband couldn't be here this year I felt so blessed that he was able to call me from across the world to tell me Happy Mother's Day! I feel so blessed and honored that I had both of my little one's with me this year!
Right now I am sitting here holding my little cupcake putting her to sleep as I type this haha!

Me, Michael, and Elizabeth! She was being squirmy so I had to take the pics fast and zoomed in a lil bit too much on this one! But I still love it!

My two lil angels that I spent the day with!

 the flower Michael made for me
the outside of the card Michael made for me
...and the inside of the card! :) it says "Dear mom, I love you because you take care of me. Love, Michael" oh how it melts my heart the things my lil munchkin will do for me! He is always bringing stuff home from school that he says he made for me or for daddy! So sweet! I hope your mother's day was as wonderful as it could possibly be!


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