by Lindsey Fox

Beauty "No-No's"

I was recently on and their post on the worst beauty habits got me to thinking! So here are a couple of other things to add to the list!

1. DON'T eat your hair (why do people do this?) it's just gross!!

2. Please bathe daily haha!

3. Biting your nails is definitely another big no-no...(yes they mentioed this but I wanted to say it again haha)

4. Did you know that it's actually bad for your hair to totally shampoo it all over every time it's washed? This is because shampoo takes out all of the natural oils in your hair, and it can tend to make your hair too dried out! For me the the oiliest part of my hair is my roots and scalp!

5. Another total unattractive thing is for someone to have is the dreaded "make-up line" know, where waaay too much foundation in the wrong shade was applied, and there is the awful foundation line dividing their face from their neck! Please ladies...blend down onto your neck atleast!

6. Applying lipliner and not blendiing and the outline is obvious!

7. Lastly, using muliple colors of shadow and not blending and then you can see the separation lines of the colors!

My attempt at finding a picture for you guys for that last one totally failed! I'm sure we have all seen it though!

Comment below if you guys have a few beauty "no-no's" and let me know?!

Have a great day guys!


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