by Lindsey Fox

Hair tutorial!

Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since I last posted and I have been super busy!! With Michael starting back school and changing my schedule around again, I now get up at like 5:30, and I am NOT a morning person haha! Anyways, I have been super busy with videos for everyone on my youtube page: so I hope that everyone that sees this will check it out, and hopefully subscribe!!
It has taken me days to try and upload one video and it would load really far and then randomly cancel, I literally tried uploading it like 10 times! Then, someone told me to download Mozilla, because they had the same problem with Internet Explorer, and then I won't have that problem I did and it finally worked! I am excited to share my first ever hair tutorial with all of you, I will admit though it's not my best work haha!!!!

This is a simple and pretty look! It will also add volume to your hair! I am using a Conair curling iron and the hair spray I am using is Nature's Therapy, it's a competing product of Sebastian shaper plus!! Enjoy guys!!



  1. hey nice post - loved the hair tutorial.
    i'm following u, follow back?



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