by Lindsey Fox

Make-up No No's

There are several things to avoid when putting on your make-up! I thought this might be helpful the next time you are "painting" you face haha!
1: Don't overpluck your brows....I will admit that I want some of mine to grow back, but it's so hard to resist the urge to pluck out those little hairs when they are growing back all crazy lol!

2: Always blend your lipliner and your lipstick, along with your gloss as well! Also...don't forget about blending your foundation too (I have talked about this before in my beauty no no's post)!

3: A full dramatic eye with a full on lip, as well as bronzer, and blush are going to be a total overload and definitely make you look way older!

4: DON'T really do need to throw out that mascara every three months! This will also eliminate flaking!

5: I have combined two for this last don't want to over bronze or have too much illumination going on! Looking orange, or dirty, or just plain weird wouldn't be very hot lol!

Hope this was helpful guys!
-Happy painting,


  1. good tips haha :)

  2. Hey! i love your blog! :D followed! ;) please check out mine! Thanks!! x



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