by Lindsey Fox

My New SMH Shadows

If you guys read my post from a few days ago you seen the one I made about Stars Make-up Haven. So I got my shadows from them the other day and am super excited to use them in a video haha! Anyways...I just wanted to share with you guys the two that I ordered! Since I have never ordered from them or used their products I didn't wanna go crazy and order a ton of shadows and then hate them. Truthfully I haven't even swatched them yet! But the colors are gorgeous in person!!
My first shadow is called "Over the Moon" and it's a really pretty goldish yellow color!

This shadow is probably my favorite of the two, it's called "Flaming-O" and it is a fun orangey/redish color! I can't wait to use this color haha!

Note: The shows are not magnetized so they do not stay in the shadow either need super glue or magnets on both to make them stick!



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