by Lindsey Fox

Stars Make-up Haven

I recently discovered this great website called Stars Makeup Haven and I will most likely soon be ordering from them! I will admit though my reasoning may be odd haha... You can purchase their individual shadows for like $6.00 and then buy individual pots for them for $2.00 and the pots are so cute, they remind me of the mac shadow pots but they have a star on the front of them lol! I had never heard of this website before until I came across an old video on youtube from juicystar07 and she was showing some of their products and the pigmentation look really good! If you have ever ordered from Coastal Scents or BH Cosmetics then you know that their products are the same thing but with different company names, I guess they order from the same warehouse or something!
The best part about the eyeshadow pots from SMH is that you can also fit your MAC shadows in them as well! If you really wanna get a cheap deal on the single shadows out of the pots then check out their single shadows are just $2.77!! And for they are $3.95.  My reasoning for only ordering from SMH was simply because when you order online you pay shipping and handeling and with it being atleast $7 I don't want to have to pay S&H for two different places!
Here is a pic of their pots!


  1. I'm liking the pots, they're always something you'll need :) Found you on e+b and followed :)




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