by Lindsey Fox


So I am not uploading a video today! If you read my blog yesterday then you know that I was really sick almost the entire day yesterday so I haven't had the chance to edit or upload anything! I literally slept almost all day long yesterday. Then I spent most of the morning trying to clean and disinfect my house before the kids came home from being with my mom. I just finished editing a video and I realized while doing so that I really am a lil disappointed in myself because I never realize until afterwards that it always seems to look like I have hardly no makeup on my eyes when I actually do! I just hate how washed out the camera makes things look so I am really going to try and start fixing that as soon as I can! I was looking at a couple of my older videos today and I didn't have that problem in them. I dunno what I was doing differently then than I am now, but I am going to try and fix it! Check back soon for a couple new videos!!


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