by Lindsey Fox

Color Wheel for Your Eyes

So I decided to finally make this post about the color really is unbelievable how it relates to make-up! This is just going to be a simple guide on how to choose the right eyeshadow to make your color eyes really pop!

It's super simple....first just find your eye color on the color wheel.

1. BLUE: If you have blue eyes just find the colors that are across from blue on the color wheel. Your browns, golds, and bronzes are going to look best and really make your eye color pop out! I have this color.

2. GREEN: For green eyes do the same...across the color wheel you have, reds, some purples, and burgundy, as well as some oranges!

3. BROWN: Oh how I wish that I had this color sometimes haha! Congrats to you because people with brown eyes can virtually wear pretty much any color that they want! Although blues and violets are going to make your eyes stand out the best!

4. HAZEL: Now hazel eyes are a bit more tricky but really great because you have a lot more options since you have multiple shades to your eyes! If your eyes are brown with green flakes then choose which color you want to bring out more... if your eyes are brown with blue flakes then do the same! You don't have to bring out the one that is the least amount...if you would rather go with the browns then go for it!

My daughter's eyes are hazel like that of my husband's but her's are sooo unique... When she was born she had brown eyes (not blue like most babies haha), now her eyes are hazel but they have shades of green and believe it or not sometimes they look like they have flakes of blue too!! I guess since I have blue eyes and my hubby has hazel eyes she kinda got both haha! So if your eyes are like that too then just pick whichever color you wanna bring out more!!

Hope you all enjoyed and I hope this helped ya out a bit when deciding which colors to wear!


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