by Lindsey Fox

Forever 21 Fashion

Forever 21 always has great deals and great fashion. To me they seem to have a lil something for every different style there! Here are a few of their newest arrivals!

I really love this leatherette bomber jacket for just $32.80

These disco night wedges are just $29.80 I love how much fun these look!

So there are two reasons why I am mentioning this shirt. The first is simply because I really love this style but the second is because it says Nashville Rebel and that's where I am from haha. This one is just $15.80!

This beaded shield ring is definitely one of my favorites! I have always loved big chunky rings! And this one is only $4.80!!

There are soooo many more cute things that I would love to post but that would take forever haha! Just curious...was anyone else thinking how odd it is all that of their stuff is whatever amount in dollars and then 80 cents lol?! I promise I did not just make up those amounts haha!


  1. This post certainly did not help my longing for shopping! Forever 21 is my weakness. I really love the jacket and ring!




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