by Lindsey Fox

How to: Tease a Ponytail

I recently recorded this tutorial and then when I watched it I decided that I wasn't too sure if I would upload it! As I am sure you all know by now I recently had a baby less than six months ago and I have struggled with losing that last 10 lbs! If you have a baby then you may know what I mean... But it has really made me very self conscious about the way I look now! So I have been really trying to work out more and get rid of the last 8-10 pounds that seem to love sticking to my body oh so much haha!! With all that being said when I seen the way I looked in the video I really wasn't sure if I wanted anyone else to see it, but I decided to just go ahead with it ha.. Please just bare with me on my little journey to get rid of it all lol. Let me be the first to tell you that that last 10 lbs really does change your appearance a whole whole lot!! However, I am just thankful that I only gained 30 with my daughter and in all honestly I really haven't worked out a whole lot, I just haven't had the time. If I was able to more then I probably would've already shed the rest of the weight or atleast most of it by now!! Plus the camera really does add weight lol, but they say it only adds ten pounds, I think it adds 20 haha!!

Remember that you can make it as poofy as you want it, just keep on teasing... and don't do what I accidentally did in this video when I am spraying the hairspray (I patted the hair down like a genious lol)!

-good luck in all you do,


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