by Lindsey Fox


Hey guys so I am super excited and just had to tell everyone about this awesomeness haha!! My laptop is now working again and all thanks to my step-dad who told me about this awesome website you should really check it out!! He helped me to install anti-virus sofware and anti-malware to my pc! This site is really great, it has tons of downloads for protection and it also has apps for phones and even games too!! Seriously you have got to check it out if you need any of this stuff... I am just soooo thankful that my computer is connecting to the internet and that I was able to get rid of the viruses that had affected it. I downloaded the AVG virus protection and yes it is FREE!! I then found an anti-malware and installed it as well... I believe it was listed as malwarebytes but I am not 100% sure!! I am just happy that it is now working so I can get back to uploading videos for everyone that watches them!

Keep in mind if you do decide to download anything, that there are free versions of things and then there are some that do cost money. So if you aren't looking to pay for it then make sure you select the free installations!! I really hope you guys enjoy!!



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