by Lindsey Fox

The RIGHT Lipsticks

I just wanted to make this post about choosing the right lipsticks for yourself! You often see people wear shades that are waaaay to dark for them or waaaay too light! So I hope this helps...

First don't forget that a darker color will make lips look smaller and a sheer gloss will make them look fuller!!! This theory applies to makeup in many ways... Just always remember that something dark makes things look further away which in return will make them appear smaller (kinda like how black clothes are slimming haha), and lighter colors are going to make things appear closer!!

Also, with ivory/beige skin, the fastest way to age yourself is with a dark color!! This is different for bronze/ebony skin tones because the contrast in the color isn't that much different!

The fastest way to look younger is with a bright and warm lipstick.
A neutral shade will just blend into your face (but I do LOVE a neutral lip haha)!
Lipsticks with brown undertones on lighter skin shades will make it look dead.
Can wear cool pink shades.
Warm pinks are much more flattering though.

Can wear shades with brown undertones since their skin has so much brown undertones already.
Cool pinks (lighter shades) will look too ashy on these skin tones.
Main thing to remember (this goes for everyone's skin tone) is take your skin tone into consideration.
choose something that is complimentary to your skin tone!
Brighter colors can be worn on this skin tone as well and will brighten the face.

If you aren't sure when picking a color then just go for a shade that is a couple shades darker than your skin tone and it will give you great definition and won't be too much!



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