by Lindsey Fox

Costume Party!!

This past weekend was super super busy... atleast I managed to get a tutorial up before the weekend! We had a housewarming party to go to during the day Saturday and then a Halloween Costume/Bonfire Party that night. Then on Sunday we had to go pick up Elizabeth from spending the night with my mom, then drive an hour and a half home to get ready to go grocery shopping and then go pick up Michael!! Sadly nothing went as planned Sunday so now we have to do our grocery shopping today hopefully haha... This morning has went really well so far, the kids let me get some sleep and didn't wake up super early like usual haha. They just finished their breakfast and now I am typing this in the living room floor with the kids to one side of me and my phone going off on the other!! Can me say multi-tasking? lol. I got pics from this weekend and wanted to share them with all of you! I really enjoyed getting to dress up with my hubby since the first Halloween we were together we didn't get to dress up since he was scheduled to work and they let him off at the last minute, and then last year he was thousands of miles away from me it was special to be able to dress up with him and his costume was just too funny :)!! P.S. We got our costumes at Halloween Express, you can visit them online at if you don't have one near you, they have tons of different costumes!!

So everything that I wanted to be they didn't have so I chose this...mainly because I LOVE the leg warmers haha..and the lil antennas!

I just had to add the mustache to my bumble bee outfit haha! He said it started getting itchy...

At the end of the night it ended up making a home on my cup, then my friend Delana added a face for it haha...I think it was suppose to be me lol!

I missed these two oh so much!! If you have ever seen any of my wedding pics you might recognize them from my bridal party!!

It was a fun night and thanks to the huge bonfire we weren't even cold outside at all!! Hope you all get to do something fun with friends this Halloween and are safe doing so!


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