by Lindsey Fox

Favorite New Accessory

So as a mommy, with a baby small enough to still need a diaper bag... I introduce you to my new favorite accessory!!

I LOVE this diaper bag!! I also really like that it doesn't really look like a diaper bag, so I can use it for whatever really! All of the baby stuff is concealed inside, so you don't have bottles and everything showing in the outside pockets like normal diaper bags! It even has little compartments for all your baby needs and fits soooo much more than a regualar diaper bag does. There is even a compartment labeled "Mommy's Things" haha too cute!!
What I am really loving though is the houndstooth design and it doesn't feel like that cheap material of most diaper bags... plus I feel like houndstooth is definitely in for this season, so it fits right in!

What are all of your favorite fall accessories? Do you have any houndstooth?


  1. My Favorite Fall accessories are BOOTS!
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