by Lindsey Fox

Bad Baby Washes!!

Recently there were ingredients found in probably America's most trusted baby care line, "Johnson & Johnson"! I couldn't believe it when I heard it myself! Don't fear's not in all of their products, I have only found it in their regular baby shampoo and baby wash! I have heard that it is in others also but I have a few different ones and neither of the ingredients are in any of the others that I own, just the regular wash and shampoo!! The ingredients are not only harmful to us but especially our little ones.
Call me crazy but now I am frantically searching the ingredients on all the products I am buying for my baby. Not only that but not too long before I heard about all of this craziness with Johnson & Johnson the Dr. told us that the lil rash Elizabeth had was baby eczema, and get this....apparently the ingredients found are said to cause eczema as well! Soooo crazy!
Thankfully it's not in all the products though. I currently have switched my baby shampoo to the Natural Care line that they have!
I don't like the way their lotion smells but surprisingly I really like how the shampoo smells! Since my lil angel has eczema we use a different wash other than the Natural Care. I use Cetaphil brand for her wash. I don't know yet how well she is going to do with the Cetaphil considering I used it on her for the first time tonight, but it's what her pediatrician recommended for her so let's pray it does good for her!! I have looked at a few other brands as well and haven't spotted the ingredients in any of them either thankfully. So next time you are out shopping check those ingredients for quaternium-15 which releases  formaldehyde (eeeew gross)! The second ingredients to look out for is 1,4-dioxane, which is considered a carcinogen!


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