by Lindsey Fox

Best Drugstore Mascara

I recently became a new fan to a drugstore mascara! I have used all different types over the years, everything from Maybelline to Chanel... and for so so long I used the L'oreal double extend tubes and was such a huge huge fan. Once again L'oreal has done it, they make so many great products and I am always raving about them. I decided to try their Voluminous Million Lashes mascara and it is AMAZING!!! I am loving it! I think until I find something that makes my lashes look this good I will definitely be sticking to it as far as drugstore mascaras go haha...

This is the double extend tubes, I do still like it but it doesn't do half of the amazingness as the Voluminous haha!

This is my new favorite AWESOME drugstore find hehe!! I really recommend this to anyone wanting to try a new drugstore mascara! I didn't think I would like it but I really do!

mascaras galore and long lashes,


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