by Lindsey Fox

Chritmas Party Time

Chritmas Party Time

With Christmas just around the corner...literally...I know know that lots of you are going to be going to parties. I thought that putting together a little collage of a party outfit would be a neat idea to give a little Christmas party inspiration! The little cocktail dress has those holiday looking sequins that seems to always be very festive this time of year haha! Pair it will some black tights for when it's chilly outside and add a black turtleneck underneath and you can be stylish and yet not freeze to death in the middle of winter lol. To play it down, be sure to choose some suede or cloth type shoes, not the shiny leathery ones. This look could either be paired with some red heels and a red clutch for some pop of color, or just keep it simple with some black booties and a black clutch. With all the sequins going on, adding too much jewelry and accessories would just be too much, so I would keep it simple with some stud earrings or some small dangly ones, that aren't too dramatic.

This look is just my inspiration for what I might wear to a Christmas party... If you don't have the money to spend on buying everything brand new what I suggest is hitting up your local thrift stores! They are always my go-to place! I absolutely love going to thrift stores, I usually always find awesome things for super cheap prices haha! Oh and if you shop at your local Goodwill, they give student discounts if you have your college ID, as well as a military discount if you have that instead!

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  1. Those red heels are awesome. You can also try lace tights too for an extra pop!



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