by Lindsey Fox

Forever 21 Winter Fashion

Forever 21 Winter Fashion

Need a little winter inspiration? Well, maybe I have found it for you! I found some really cute items from Forever21 that can be paired together for a really cute wintery type outfit...

I paired some skinny jeans with a lil blue tank under a beige colored sweater, with some super cute brown boots and a very "winter" coat haha! I even threw in some cute accessories like a hat, scarf, and even a cute vintage looking bracelet. I love Forever 21, they always have awesome stuff, and they are pretty cheap too!

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Find out what I just did--->My other blog!


  1. Great winter outfit! I especially love the boots!

    Em :-) x

  2. I wish I had Forever 21 where I lived :( This would have helped :) xx



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