by Lindsey Fox

Fun Decorating Idea

In my living room I have a huge canvas painting that my mom and I did while I was pregnant... I wanted to do something fun to it for this holiday season... soooooo, I decided to wrap it up!

This is what it looked like before...sorry for the lighting... I messed up my camera settings somehow!

This is after a little holiday love got a hold of it haha! I just wrapped it with some shiny blue(excuse the glare on the present/painting) wrapping paper...then I took some gold shiny ribbon and cut it to be the right length. I ended up having to just put regular bows on it because I discovered that tape and this ribbon did not mix!!

What are some DIY decorating ideas that you guys know? Please share them with me...I wish I knew lots and lots of different decorating ideas for the holidays...but sadly I just have a few little tricks up my sleeve haha!


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