by Lindsey Fox

Holiday Decor Deals

I just took a short little trip down the road to the Dollar Store and I wanted to share with you guys what I got! For starters, let me just say that I absolutely LOVE decorating for the holidays, so when I see cute decorations I always wanna buy them haha... I went to the store to pick up some eggs and some candy for stocking stuffers and came out with some really cute decorations.

This one is a little...or should I say "big"bell!
These are just some oversized ornaments...
These are my favorite!! Some big huge cany and candy canes haha!

I even picked up some really pretty colorful shiny ribbon lol....the gold one looks yellow in this picture...oopsy!

So the best part about all of the decorations (except for the ribbon) is that they were originally $2 and were 75% off!! I ended up getting the huge ornaments for just  $0.50.... now is definitely the time to start checking places for decoration deals, or right after Christmas everything gets really cheap!!  I plan on doing some decoration shopping right after Christmas, me and the hubby decided that next year I can get my own tree and decorate however I want, since I like all the colorful and fun stuff and he is WAY more traditional! Our tree this year is pretty colorful, but not to the extreme that I want it to be haha! So I am starting my holiday shopping early...and I do mean EARLY!

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