by Lindsey Fox

Holiday Hair

Ready for some creative curls? Well I have a few hairstyles that are simple to do...and are great for the holidays... I wanted to do an easy hair tutorial, but I can't get it up in time for the holidays so this is what I am doing instead!!

First Hairstyle for some really curly Creative Curls

  • Step #1 - On dry hair, wrap medium to large sized sections of your hair around a medium to large sized curling iron and curl your hair for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Step #2 - Continue until every section of your hair is complete.
  • Step #3 - For a lasting finish, spray with a strong hold hairspray.
Second Hairstyle for some Wicked Waves

  • Step #1 - Blow-dry your hair until smooth.
  • Step #2 - Take large sections of your hair, wrap them around velcro rollers, and then spray a mist of hairspray all over and leave to dry.
  • Step #3 - Remove the velcro rollers and tease your hair all over to achieve maximum volume.
Third Hairstyle for some Natural Waves

  • Step #1 - Apply mousse or a curl enhancing product to your damp hair.
  • Step #2 - Use your diffuser attachment to scrunch dry your hair on a low setting to allow a more natural looking wave, and flip your hair upside down while scrunch drying to allow maximum volume.
  • Step #3 - To complete your look, spray your hair with shine serum for a natural feel and finish.
Obviously these pics are not of myself haha... they are just some animated pics that I found online when trying to find some simple steps that would be easy to understand! Hope these are all fun to try out and that you guys have some awesome holiday hair and a very Merry Christmas!!

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