by Lindsey Fox

New Year's Makeup

Hey guys.. Although I haven't quite figured out yet if any of you have switched over to this channel I am still going to continue to post everything on here! My newest tutorial is a wearable look for New Year's, you can pretty much wear this for whenever you like, but it has a little more glitter and glam for the holidays! PLEASE READ FIRST: I HAVE BEEN TRYING REALLY HARD TO GET LIGHTING RIGHT FOR MY PICS AND VIDEOS AND AM HAVING A HARD TIME DOING SO! IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, AS YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING LOOKS SOOOOO WASHED OUT AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET THE COLOR AS TRUE AS POSSIBLE ON FILM!

As you can see I can't seem to fix my lighting so that what I do doesn't look so washed out! In person it is always so much more dramatic than it is on film! Help!!!!
Then when I film I look super pale and washed out! Any tips?


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