by Lindsey Fox

Skin like Cleopatra

Skin like Cleopatra

Cleopatra was known for her beautiful skin. Now I am going to tell you just how she did it and how you can get it too!

She soaked in a bathtub full of fresh milk accented with honey... unfortunately we don't all live on or near a farm so we don't all have access to fresh milk, so regular milk will do! As I was watching the tv show "The Doctors", they were showing remedies around the world for health and beauty, and this one came on and I wanted to share it with everyone so so badly!!

Use about 4 cups of milk and just a little bit of the honey. No the tub isn't filled totally with just milk, it's water down, sorta making it "skim, I mean skin milk" haha! Add these to your bathtub while it's filling up! Then just soak for about 20 minutes. It's very dydrating to the skin, so doing this may be very helpful if you have dry skin in general or even if your skin is dry due to the harsh effects of wintertime! To be in true Cleopatra style add some flower petals to your bath, they don't do anything for you health or beauty wise, but they definitely add to the Cleopatra effect haha!
WARNING! I don't recommend this if your are lactose intolerant though. As far as I know it's totally safe otherwise.


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