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Cheap Beauty Products

I know that not everyone can afford high end makeup or beauty it really made me think... I need to do a new post featuring some great beauty products that can be found at your local drugstore!! All for under $10!

For foundation I chose L'oreal true match. I have been a huge fan of it for quite a while and in my opinion it really compares to some of the higher end brands I have used!

Are you in the need of some really decent brushes but don't have the money to go and spend $20 or so on some expensive brushes from MAC? Then maybe E.L.F is the way to go! Their brushes work really well for only being a couple dollars or so.

Or what about a great brush cleaner? E.L.F. also makes some really great brush cleaner that is just a few dollars!

Now how about some shadows? Yes, I will be the first to admit, that high end shadows are definitely my favorite... but there are some really nice drugstore shadows as well. Maybelline, NYX, and L'oreal, and E.L.F. make some really great products! Their price range depends on the size of the palette you choose to get. You can even find some great eyeshadow palettes at Claire's that have a TON of shadows... they may be a little more than ten dollars though for the big palettes!

For lips I really LOVE NYX lipsticks and Sephora lipliners. Yes, I said Sephora! I am sure some of you may automatically think high end when I mention the name Sephora... but Sephora makes some great beauty products that are really cheap. Their nano lipliners are just $5!! I definitely recommend them to anyone...

Now.. for hair! I absolutely adore Aussie hair products!! Most of you probably don't know this, but Aussie use to only be sold in salons... so to me it is pretty much a high end product that sells for cheap. I have an aunt that owns a salon and has been doing hair since way before I was born, she is actually the one that told me that...and recommended it to me!

For those peepers... who doesn't want a great mascara?! Honestly, I usually almost always choose my drugstore mascaras over anything... I have two that I really love that are actually both from L'Oreal. They are both great and definitely comparable to lots of high end brands.. I really like that they make your lashes look false ha ha!

Maybelline makes an awesome gel liner that is waterproof... I use it like everyday ha ha!

As far as eyeliner goes, you can get a great eyeliner almost anywhere...notice I said ALMOST! I use to always use Maybelline before I started using MAC liners and other brands.

I can't really recommend a great concealer, but for under the eyes Maybelline & Olay have a good one out that I actually use myself.. Oh! Coastal Scents makes some decent concealer, but I don't know if you can purchase them individually. I ordered mine off of their site, and it is one big palette with lots of different shades.

Obviously I can't go on all day showing you guys pictures and alll that fun stuff, there are lots of other ones that I could recommend though. What are some great cheap beauty products that all of you guys have found and recommend? I am always on the hunt for some great new products!

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