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Foxxy Forum

Foxxy Forum

Hey everyone! I am super excited to do this post because of all the fun new things that have happened to my blog over the last couple days! Many of you may have already noticed the new look to it haha... but I bet most of you didn't notice the other big new addition to this blog. So I am really excited because FoxxyBeauty now has a forum of its own!!! All you have to do it click on the page link at the top that says Forum and there you will see it. Just choose a sub-forum like makeup, hair, etc., and either join or create a topic of your own! I went ahead and created the first topic in makeup under my name "Lindsey Fox"... you can also join if you would like, when I am logged in my name will be seen as foxxybeauty!

This forum features everything from makeup to hair to skincare to fashion to health, and so on! Well, you get the idea... Who will be the first to join my new little/big online forum? I can't wait to chat with and meet all of you on there!

Another tiny new little addition is my new YouTube boxes at the bottom and on the righthand side, right above the "follow" section. I love this because the one at the bottom of the page allows you to watch videos from my channel and the one on the righthand side allows you to subscribe to my beauty channel right from my blog! How creative is that?

Thanks so much for all of you that follow and interact on my blog...and on my beauty channel as well!

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