by Lindsey Fox

Have I got a treat for you!!

So I am finally back home and able to start blogging and all that fun jazz again haha! To see how my trip went be sure to check out my other blog---> Foxxys Wifey

I come to you this new year (ok I am a couple days late...oopsy) with an awesome deal and a special little code for you guys that's valid for just the month of January!! If you have ever wanted to try out some Sigma brushes or any of their other products then now is definitely the time to do so! Sigma sent me this awesome code just to share with all of you!

Just click on the picture below and it will take you right to their site! Use the code 0112XJML at checkout to receive your 10% off! I would definitely be jumping on this myself but I already did all the after holidays shopping I can do for now haha!! Which reminds me, I haven't decided yet on whether or not to do a little mall haul to share with all of you everything I bought on my trip... Hope you all enjoy this little treat and have an awesome rest of your day!



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