by Lindsey Fox

Look Thinner With Makeup

To me makeup isn't just a way to look and feel better... My sister use to always say that people that wear makeup do it because they think they look ugly... or something along those lines! As she got older she eventually stopped saying that and she stopped saying that only "preppy people" wear it haha. I think she finally started to agree with me.. Makeup is definitely a way of art! Why else would they call it a "makeup artist"? So aside from all of the awesome things you can do with makeup, I love that you can also make it a way to totally transform yourself without ever having any type of surgery whatsoever.

This is were plastic surgery with makeup comes in... After having a baby less than a year ago I still haven't quite lost those last few pounds! I have a naturally chubby face so this is something I really do enjoy! I am going to share a few little contouring tricks to make your face appear more defined and thinner too!!

Use a bronzer one shade darker than your skin tone to create a shadow above and around the temples, and lightly along the hairline. This will bring the forehead down. Your face will appear more oval with a more narrow forehead.
When slimming down your nose don’t go all the way down the sides to the nostrils. Instead, contour along the upper sides of your nose—just under the eyes—by blending in slightly darker lines on each side and leaving the center light. This makes the bridge appear thinner.
Your cheeks are the largest areas of skin on your face and in turn, often the chubbiest features. To achieve that sucked-in defined bone structure we all crave, chisel in some fake cheekbones. Go under the cheekbone with bronzer, and use a highlighting powder on the highest plane of the cheek.(I like Shell from MAC for a highlighter and my favorite for contouring is Blunt from MAC)
Avoid a double chin effect by defining your jawline. Apply a bronzing powder that’s two shades darker than your skin tone under your jawline. This which will create a nice sharp line and square off your chin, giving you a thin, sculpted face. Feather the bronzer down onto the neck so there’s no obvious two-toned effect. The key is to blend well!

I feel like we all have some sort of insecurity... mine is definitely my jawline/neck! I have always had a naturally chubby face and unfortunately my neck too. Seems like no matter how slim the rest of my body is I still have that dreaded chubby neck haha!! Maybe these tips will come in handy and help you to achieve that thinner look too!


  1. These are great tips! I will definitely be trying the jawline trick! I always feel the chubbiest there!

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