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DIY Facials

I was looking around online and found some neat DIY facials. A facial is great for your skin as well as your own outlook! Since not everyone can afford to go out and get a facial I thought maybe this might be helpful...

Soothing Facial

An at-home treatment designed by a leading holistic skin-care expert offers the perfect recipe for a healthy glow -- and inner calm. All that is required is lavender essential oil, a washcloth, almond butter, skin toner, and your choice of honey, yogurt, or avocado.           

What You'll NeedOrganic lavender essential oil
Cotton washcloth (use organic cotton when possible)
Organic almond butter
Skin toner (try Avalon Organics' Lavender Hydrating Toner or Dr. Hauschka's Facial Toner)
Choose one: honey, organic strawberry yogurt, or organic avocado
Facial How-To
1. Pre-cleanse.
After thoroughly removing any makeup and rinsing your face, fill a sink with warm water. Add two to three drops of lavender oil and stir with your hand. Soak the washcloth in the lavender water, then wring it out and gently press it against your face and neck for 30 seconds.

2. Cleanse.
Put one teaspoon of almond butter and a few drops of lavender water in your palm; rub your hands together to create a paste. Apply to skin using a "press and roll" method, which helps remove dead cells, dirt, and oil: Press your palms against your forehead and roll them outward. Moving down your face and neck, continue the motion until you reach your collarbones. Return to massaging your forehead, and repeat the process for one to three minutes.

3. Rinse and Tone.
Use another washcloth soaked in lavender water to remove the almond cleansing cream from your face. Rinse with cool water and apply toner.

4. Apply a mask.
Choose one of the following masks, depending on your skin's needs:
- To Moisturize Dry SkinHalf of a mashed organic avocado
- To Brighten Dull Complexions
Organic strawberry yogurt
- To Rid Pores of Impurities

Apply a thin layer to your face and relax for 20 minutes. Then remove the mask with a warm, wet cloth, and rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a clean towel.
There you have your at home facial! Would you guys want me to do more posts like this one here? Let me know in the comments below please! Don't forget to check out my new Forum too!

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