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Prom Inspiration

Hey everyone! I know I told you all on my other blog that I would soon have a BFF tag video coming up, but it just wasn't uploading so I just restarted it and hopefully won't have any issues out of it now... Until then though, here is some prom inspiration for all of you that have proms coming up super super soon!

To me the makeup, aside from the dress... is the most important part of prom haha! Check out these two videos on my beauty channel for a couple of different looks!

For those dresses check out these sites.. I blogged about the first site recently, so check out my blog post on it for some more details.

Rent The Runway

Dresses under $100

I personally always wore my hair up when I went to prom... I LOVED the way my hair looked at my junior prom, and I would gladly show you guys a picture but I don't have one. I believe my dad still has it though.. Here are some prom hairstyles for you guys! I found this link on the Seventeen Magazine website, there are over 60 different looks! I will admit that some are a little wack haha, but there are some super cute ones too!!

Prom Hairstyles

There is my quick prom post for everyone! I really hope that you guys found this helpful and that you all have an amazing prom night!!

Best Wishes,

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