by Lindsey Fox

Spa Sollutions

Hey everyone! I am really trying to get back into the groove of blogging and uploading videos haha! So today I come to you with some great Sigma Skincare Products! As someone with really dry skin, I sometimes feel like I find myself having to exfoliate a little more than others haha...

Sigma has a great deal going on right now (as they always do), featuring their skincare products.

I love how Sigma is always offering some sort of great deal. Right now when you spend $30 or more on their website you receive a complimentary cleansing and polishing tool attachment to go  on one of their cleansing and polishing tools! It's just $39 to purchase the tool itself that already comes with 3 attachments or $59 to purchase one that comes with 6!

This is such an amazing deal either way you look at it... normally you would most likely spend waaay more on some sort of cleansing tool like this, so I would definitely check it out!

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  1. Soooo. Have you tried their skincare products?

    1. Not yet... I literally just found out about all this right before I posted this lol... I just wanted to share the great deal with everyone! :)



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