by Lindsey Fox

What's Your Prom Style?

What's Your Prom Style?
With prom getting closer and closer it's definitely time to start planning ahead.. stores will soon be putting out dresses, if they haven't already, and believe it or not now is a great time to go ahead and make hair appointments and reserve limos!!

My aunt owns a salon and has been a stylist since before I was born, and she told me years ago, when I was in high school, that she has people making appointments to have their hair done for prom months in advance. So that is something that I definitely recommend doing!

With a million different things going through your mind while trying to plan everything perfectly... maybe this post will help you pick what style of dress you want this prom season. When I think prom dresses one thing definitely comes to mind... SEQUINS haha! Only I don't really like an entire prom dress in sequins and all glittery, but some really does make it feel more like prom. I really like the purple dress on the bottom right, it has the sequins, but not so much that it's taking over the dress! I chose lots of different styles and colors too... well there are a lot of purples which I sorta just noticed haha, I guess I just like those particular dresses because that was definitely not intentional!

What is your favorite style of dress this prom season?

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