by Lindsey Fox

Bridal Shower

Hey everyone... as most of you probably already know, this past weekend I had a bridal shower to go to. My oldest friend Merissa, we have know each other since we were two years old, is getting married in May. I just so happen to be one of her bridesmaids so I am really excited. Here is a picture from her shower at Sambuca with five out of seven of her bridesmaids!

From left to right there is Laura, Kayla, Merissa (the bride to be), Me, Sarai (pronounced Sara), and Angel! Her shower was so beautiful... when we got there we went upstairs and her shower was held on the balcony overlooking the downstairs and the stage. Then, we had a menu that was handpicked and we chose which salad we wanted, then we chose an entree (I chose the filet, and my momma chose the shrimp pasta... yummy haha), and everyone automatically got a lil sample plate of a couple different desserts! Her shower made me wish that I had've went ahead and had one when I got married but for some insane reason I told my mom that I didn't want to. I guess I thought I just didn't have the time since we planned our entire wedding in just two months AHHHH!

So I am thrilled to be a part of her whole celebration.. she looked gorgeous and I loved her dress. I was with her when she bought it so I can tell you where you can get one too haha... Express! They had them in some other colors too, and the price wasn't that bad either! I wish you could've seen her shoes in this picture, they were so cute!! I just wanted to take them off her feet and take off with them haha, would've worked too since we wear the same size shoe hehe!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend either of her bachelorette parties and I will tell you guys all about that very very soon, but I will hopefully get to keep you guys updated with more pictures from her wedding and what not... I am SOOO excited for what's coming up for my family in about a month! No, I am NOT pregnant haha!

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