by Lindsey Fox

Exciting News! Plus a Flashback Friday!

Hey everyone, I am here with some super exciting news! Well, it is exciting for me to say the least haha!


Why the excitement you may be asking? Well for one I just am excited for the adventure ahead... we also get to pick out a new house to move to... but there are just so many fun things that can happen now... not only will we have the opportunity to expand our family when we decide to, because we will have more bedrooms at our new house! We also will be like three hours from Virginia Beach, or even another beach for that matter haha.. Right now there isn't too much to do around here where we live at now, and there will be so much more around us where we will be moving to! We won't be moving for a little over a month from now, but lots and lots of planning has to go into this move...

I am sad that we will be far away from family, but atleast we aren't all the way on the other side of the world! My sister and I have been joking about how now she will be all the way on one coast, and I will be all the way on the other coast...

Oh I found an old pic I thought I would share with everyone... but please don't laugh haha! I am calling this my Flashback Friday... since it should've been put up yesterday but I forgot all about it!

Me and some of mah sibs!! hehe.... you probably recognize Catelin in this pic hugging me!

Why is it that all the boys (I mean men haha) in our family are all tall... including my mom who is 5' 10"?! Then, us girls are all short, I am the shortest now haha... atleast in these pics I was taller than Cyndi and now I am the smallest.. well my sister Amber isn't in the pics and I think she may be like an inch shorter than me! Catelin is about three inches taller than me haha!

Did anyone notice that Dalton has a different shirt on in these pictures haha... I have no idea when we did a wardrobe change! He is the only one...  Me, Catelin, and Joseph all have on the same clothes haha...these were both taken on Christmas Eve I believe!


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