by Lindsey Fox

Stylish Sunglasses

As someone who does wear glasses, I am a BIG fan of fashionable eyewear! Or fashionable frames as I like to call them haha..

Sadly though, I was never a big fan of the type of glasses that turn into sunglasses once you are out in the sunlight... That was until the other day when my mom had these super stylish regular sunglasses that doubled as reading glasses. It was then that I realized I should be on the hunt for a pair of these as well. They seemed perfect for my everyday wear, since I often find myself in my sunglasses most of the time. Plus, I liked the idea of being able to look cute at the beach and read a great book without feeling totally blind in the process haha! My only issue has been that my glasses aren't just for reading... I personally have what is called astigmatism.

The crazy thing was that I never realized you could just find some really stylish frames and all you had to do was take them and have the prescription lenses put in them, well I didn't realize this until I was buying my own frames. If I had of known that then I probably would've taken a totally different approach to purchasing them, and browsed around online to see what all of my options were before making a decision. Especially now that I have been looking around on the web and I see all of these great glasses that I wish I owned.

Have any of you ever purchased your eyewear online?


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