by Lindsey Fox

What happens when your kids shop for you!

Hey everyone... yesterday we had to make the drive to renew the tags on my car, since they expire tomorrow. While we were in that area close to all the shopping and restaurants we decided to grab some dinner and then hit T. J. Maxx. We were on the hunt for some suitcases for our upcoming move/trip. Of course I couldn't help myself but to do a bit of browsing and ended up buying a cute Easter dress for Elizabeth, some shorts for Michael... and I gave Michael a choice between two cute wedges. Unfortunately, Elizabeth is a little bit too small to help out haha, and he was the only one standing there. So this is what he chose, which are super cute!

These are my newest shoes. When I asked him why he picked these over the other ones (which were just a nude wedge) he replied, "because these have a design on them and those (the other ones) don't." Ha Ha... well it helped me decide, plus they were a little cheaper too! Thanks to him these are my new Madden Girl shoes. They have this fun Aztec looking design on them in a few different colors, which I feel like can be worn with lots of different colors. Now, I just have to go through my stuff to see if I  have something that matches!

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