by Lindsey Fox

DIY Bedroom Decor

I was looking around online for some fun DIY decorating and this is what I found!

How To Make A Forest Inspired Headboard...

It looks really simple to do.. Simply gather up some fallen branches and paint them white as well as the headboard, and then tie ribbon and little birds to the branches!

Materials and Tools

screwdriver (or drill optional)
branch clippers
hand saw or chop saw
paintbrush and white paint
recycled flat headboard and frame
(4) two-hole 1" metal straps — (EMT #41922 at Lowe's) use 3/4" if thin branches
(8) screws (if not in package with straps)
large branches (from tree that is already down)
birds (craft store — have clips on them)
tacky spray
glitter — clear and silver

Prep the Headboard for Paint

Sand and paint the headboard and its frame white. Apply two coats if necessary.

Lay Out the Design and Paint the Branches

Lay out the branches on the headboard until you have the right layout and size, then trim and cut the branches where necessary. Paint the branches white. Apply two coats on all sides. When branches are dry, coat them with a tacky spray and sprinkle on glitter.

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  1. wow, what a cool idea! and the branches gives the room a total new feeling! i thought of painting tree branches on the wall just the other day, and then i saw yours so that's a coincidence! i really like this!/Azure

    1. haha.... I liked it when I found it online! I love how it would totally change the room! :)



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