by Lindsey Fox

Dresses and Other Drugs

I know I know... I bet a lot of you are probably thinking, "why is she talking about drugs?" haha... That's actually the brand I am talking about! So as a fellow beauty guru on youtube, I of course know who the Fowler sisters are... Well Blair recently Pose'd a pic of her dress for the Betty White "Off Their Rockers" premiere party and Nylon Magazine's 13th Anniversary Party, and I absolutely LOVED it!!

Here is a pic of her in the dress.. (this is not the picture that she showed on her Pose account)
Funny thing is that this picture of the dress was actually on one of the websites that had the dress on their site for sale. She paired this dress with some black suede Steve Madden pumps (I think I actually have the exact same ones), a black Bebe coat, a black Chanel purse, and the only jewelry it looks like she had on were some stud earrings and her ring that she got on her birthday, which is really dainty and classy! I thought she did a great job putting the look together, and was sure not to add too much color to her accessories since her dress already had SOO much going on in it!

Here is an upclose look at the sequins on the dress..

Here is the back of the dress and the picture from the Dresses and Other Drugs website..
I was actually surprised to find out that this dress was just under $200 on
Of course I am sure that with taxes and shipping and handling it would be over that haha! Like I said I just really love the dress and thought I would share where you all can get it too!

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