by Lindsey Fox

Grow Your Social Networks!

Today's post is a little bit off subject from things I normally talk about, but when something really excited me I just can't help but to share it with all of you! If you are looking to grow your social networks like your youtube, twitter, facebook like page, or even your website (including your blogs)... then this is definitely a site I recommend! Not only does it completely work the way it says it will.. it's TOTALLY free!

It's super simple to do too. Just go to and create an account. From there are you have to do is add whatever videos, channels, tweets, twitter accounts, websites, etc. If I remember correctly you automatically start off with a few credits. To earn more credits all you have to do is watch other people's videos, or subscibe, retweet, like, follow, and so on! To sum it all up, pretty much you earn free credits to go into your account for doing all of these things, and people earn credits back for doing the same with your accounts! Sorta like a free like for like haha!

It is a little bit addicting for some odd reason too.. but I have also found some neat videos to watch in the process! So go check it out if you are looking for some free promotion for you social networks!


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