by Lindsey Fox

What to Carry in your Prom Purse

With prom season in full swing I thought today's post should be about what you should carry in your prom purse or clutch. Everyone always remembers to share their hair and makeup tips and tutorials, but no one seems to remember to throw a few reminders out there for what you might need to have in your prom purse! Here are my suggestions...

1. EXTRA bobby pins (perferable the color of your hair), you never know when you might have a piece of hair to come loose from your hairstyle

2. See if you can get your hands on the lil miniature bottles of hairspray. This will come in handy once again if you need some extra staying power for your hair unexpectedly!

3. Don't forget those toiletries either (you never can tell sometimes when that time of the month will hit haha)!

4. I always like to hair some sort of makeup with me... usually it's always something to touch up my lips! Since we are all different, just bring whatever you think you may want or need.

5. Bring some extra cash to have on hand.. most of the time at prom you can't exactly use your debit card other than wherever you go before you get to prom.

Last summer I had to attend a formal ball for my husband's job and believe it or not all of this fit into my lil clutch that I brought with me haha! I had my phone, lipliner and gloss, some bobby pins, and even some extra stuff! If you can't fit both the hairspray and the bobby pins then just choose one... personally I went for the bobby pins since the hairspray wouldn't fit too! You can find the little bottles of it at even the salons in Wal-Mart!

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