by Lindsey Fox

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone has been doing really well. I have been insanely busy lately with moving into my new house, but we are finally here! There is still some decorating and organizing that needs to be done, but we aren't too far from being finished with it all.

Aside from all of that, I had filmed a short little video on my phone for my beauty channel, but the darn thing won't send!! For some odd reason it's not letting me send it... so I am going to try to send it to my email haha.

Be sure to check out my beauty channel this week for atleast one new video!! I will be super busy next weekend because I have to go back home to Tennessee for a wedding, which I am so excited to be in. So I will be super busy with that and won't have time to upload any new videos over the weekend.. I will definitely be blogging about the wedding though with lots of pics haha, even if it's not until right afterwards!

I do promise that I am going to do my very best to get my uploading back to normal!

Check out my beauty channel!


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