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Hey guys! This past weekend was extremely busy. We left at around 2 a.m. Saturday for Nashville, TN. Once we got there we met up with my mom so that she could watch the kids for the weekend. Then we headed for our hotel, we ended up staying at the Hilton which was a nice surprise, the hotel we had booked ended up being a little further away than we thought originally.

Once we were there we had to hurry and get ready for my friend's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! They both went really well and the bride to be looked amazingly beautiful as always. To my surprise I ended up giving a totally unprepared speech at the dinner haha.... I don't even remember what I said, but my hubby did film it!

After the dinner the wedding party went out for some dancing and drinks in downtown Nashville. If you have never been there, then you must know that Nashville is the home to country music, and is referred to as "Music City"! So there are lots of places to listen to all different genres of music.

The next morning I had to get up and get my dress, shoes, and jewelry for the wedding together, then head on over to the Symphony. Since I was in the wedding I was scheduled to have my makeup and hair done starting at 12:00.

Here is how it went... I had never had my makeup airbrushed before, so that was really neat (and lucky for me since I went in that morning looking like Rudolph with a pimple that was just starting on my nose hahaha, and it was totally covered up all day and night long)! Yes, the makeup did last all day long. For me, my makeup looked really great, of course being the beauty guru that I am there were a few things that I would've changed about it though. The only bad thing that I will say about the makeup artist that did my makeup was that she obviously didn't know how to put on false lashes very well, they looked great on, but coming off was awful! They were literally partially glued to my eyelashes, it felt like I was going to rip them off when I tried to remove them! At first I thought it was just mine, but the next day all of the girls said they had the same problem. What really sorta made me mad is that when I pointed out that it looked like one of the other bridesmaid's eyelashes looked unglued, she check it and said, "no it's ok, they are just glued to her eyelashes, if you look they are all that way." I wanted to badly to yell at her, but I was polite and just sorta walked away.

The hairstylist was amazing and she was really sweet! She was also really talkative with me, which if you know me, then that is a good thing. It's always really uncomfortable when they don't talk at all and they just stare at you. Anyways, she ended up doing my hair curled all over with the curling iron, then she teased the crown and sprayed it back. After she did all of that she was like, "Can I do some kind of braid in the back?" So I just said, "yeah why not." So I had a waterfall braid in the back haha!

The wedding and reception were absolutely amazing and a total blast... Everything from all of the dancing I didn't know I would do, to the fun photobooth that they had. We (the wedding party) were also included in their fun first dance haha. We also were suppose to dance down the aisle after the ceremony was over (which I learned about right before we walked down the aisle haha)... I am sure that was interesting to watch as I tossed my bouquet around in the air, I was obviously totally unprepared haha!

Well I just thought I would share how my weekend in hair and makeup went! I will share some more photos when I finally see the ones that the photographer took!

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