by Lindsey Fox

More Mother's Day Gifts

Hey everyone! As I told you all before in my other post for Mother's Day gift cards, I am back with another online idea.. Before I begin though, let me go ahead and let everyone know that I may be MIA for just like a week... if that... we are heading out in a couple of hours and driving all night to our new city that we are moving to (we have to sign our lease tomorrow before they close)... there are other details on my other blog!

For a long time now we (my husband and I), have been using a really great website called FTD They have an amazing range of different gifts for someone... and their shipping method is awesome!

Not only do they have hundreds of flowers and other gifts to choose from... everything from stuffed animals to jewelry, but you pick exactly what day you want them delivered... and they ship everywhere!

Last year I ordered my mom some really amazing tulips for mother's day that were all different bright colors, but I also ordered some other flowers for my mother-in-law and sent them to her house as well. Then, on my mother-in-law's birthday I sent her a really cute birthday bear, some flowers, and I believe something else too.. I do remember that they even had cookies and little treats like that that you can have delivered right to the door step!

For my birthdays and anniversaries, my hubby sends me stuff from them that is absolutely so sweet... he has even personalized a few gifts before as well. So I definitely recomment checking them out, especially if you don't live near your mom like me!

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