by Lindsey Fox

Summer Hair Trend to Try

I am finally back to having access to blog again. Yay! It really does make me so happy to film and to blog...
Speaking of filming, I have lots my camera charger so I just keep hoping that I find is ASAP! I really want to start filming and uploading again, so keep your fingers crossed.

For today's post I thought that sharing a few hair trends from the Spring Summer 2012 runways would be a great way to go. Especially with it really starting to feel like summer now.

The Middle Part
If you are looking for a quick change up to your hairstyle as well as your over all look, try parting your hair in the middle if you don't already.
A Side Part
Even though you may already part your hair on the side, you can still change it up and part it just a little further over in whichever direction you choose, this will still make your look a bit different. It will work really well for those of you that part your hair in the middle most of the time.

Retro Hair
Try a totally new hairstyle and go retro with it! This can be really glamorous if you want it to be and would be super easy to achieve, probably pretty quickly too!

There were a few others but I just didn't really find them a "trend" that I would ever want to try out haha! So I hope that these will do...

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P.S. Does anyone have any requests or ideas for some new videos? I have just a couple ideas that I want to film, but more suggestions would be awesome!


  1. Loving the retro hair! :-D

    I've always parted my hair to the side - pretty much exactly the same as in picture 3 - so it would be nice to try a different way this Summer!


  2. i always love the side part hair, but now that u mentioned retro... i wanna try that out too! *looking for my hair spray! :)



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