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Hairstyles to Hide Flaws

So I was just randomly looking around online and came across an article about choosing a hairstyle that works best for you to hide the things you are least happy about. As someone who really doesn't like my chubby cheeks and neck, I found this really interesting! We all know that makeup can do this, and I knew that your hair could as well... I just never knew what style worked for what.

A pinned up bob“softens” a prominent nose
Take the emphasis off the center of the face by starting with an exaggerated side part. Section the hair and give it some curl with a flat iron. Flip the head over, shake the curls out, and spray. Next, hold the top section in place with a clip and pull the rest of the hair back into a low ponytail. Loosen the ponytail, and pin it underneath itself to create the illusion of a volumized bob. Let the top section fall forward, and spray in place. I found this hairstyle really cute and a fun look to try out!

A high ponytail with romantic tendrils elongates round cheeks
Start by straightening the hair with a flat iron and brushing it through. Pull the hair into a high ponytail but leave out the front section that will frame the face. Cover up the elastic with a braided extension or wrap a small section of your own hair around the band and secure with bobby pins. Finish by adding curls to small sections near the forehead. The romantic side pieces will balance out the width of the cheeks.

High-volume tousles minimize a bigger forehead
Adding tousles and fullness to the bottom section of your hair is a great trick for downplaying a larger forehead. Make a middle part, use a flat iron to add curls all over. After you make a curl, roll it to the root, and set it in place with clip. Use a diffuser with hot air then switch to cool air to set. Remove pins, flip over, and shake out the curls.

An updo with height draws together wide-set eyes
To prep for the glamorous updo, add volume by teasing the hair all over, save for some layers in the front. Pull the hair back into a ponytail, and wrap the tail around itself like a French twist. Secure the twist with bobby pins, and spray to set. Use a curling iron to make tight curls to the front pieces. Tease a couple near the crown for height, and spray again to set in place.

After searching the web for some hairstyle tips to eliminate that double chin, I finally found one!

Double Chin
First off, a double chin can be softened with mid-length styles and soft layers, so stay away from short styles! Or go for an angle haircut. Have the longer hair in front, shorter hair in the back. The longer hair in front reduces the size of and draws less attention to the chin. The angle helps, too. Blow- dry into bubble shaped hair-do, not outward wisps. This helps to close the chin in.

Shorter Neck
Cutting your hair shorter actually works best to make your neck appear longer. So anything that is level with your nape or shorter.

Longer Neck
Avoid the shorter styles where the hair is at your neck, and go for something longer.

Short/Average Height
For shorter people wishing to appear a little taller, look at hairstyles that create more height on top that will still balance up proportionately with your face shape.

Tall Height
Using your face shape as your primary guide, you should not try to create too much height on top unless you have a very short neck.

Slim Body Build
Styles that are fuller and that have more volume, such as waves and curls. - Layer cutting on some hair types will also work best.

Average Body Build
Being in the middle or medium size is great because you can have large hair or small looking hairstyles.

Large Body Build
If you would like to minimize your build, don't choose a style such as full high hair as this will make you look even larger. Also, be particularly careful when choosing wavy or curly styles as they do create a bigger illusion.

Prominent Ears
A bob with lots of layers will ensure that the back of your ears don't show through your hair. A hairdo that features strands down the front of your face and ears will create softness around your ears.

Low/Medium Hairline
If you have a low hairline you should look at styles that have no bangs or only have wispy ones to help disguise and flatter your low forehead.

High Hairline
Square bangs. A sweeping bang which goes across the brow is a good styling option which will balance out any extra length that a high hairline/larger forehead can add to the face.

After reading all of these I thought to myself... "Wow! I am wearing all of the wrong styles. (haha)... but I just can't see myself cutting all of my hair off right now." Not only do I sometimes have that dreaded double chin, but I have a short neck, chubby cheeks, and I am short haha! My double chin is the only thing though that I would love to disguise. Working on my posture definitely eliminates it 90%!

There are lots of different tips and tricks to eliminate any little flaw you may feel like you have.. I hope you found these tips somewhat useful and helpful!

Are there any of these styles that you may try after reading this post?

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