by Lindsey Fox

How To Wear Rose Gold Jewelry

With rose gold being very in right now... I decided to do a post on some helpful tips on how to wear it. Click the "read more>>" tab to see some tips!

Right now my favorite accessory is my rose gold Michael Kors watch. I wear it literally every single opportunity that I have haha. Since it is a big trend right now, doing a post for a few tips on wearing it, just makes sense. Don't forget that it doesn't have to be worn with JUST rose gold, it pairs really nicely with other metals as well. Here are a few tips on how to wear it with not only other metals, but accessories as well. That will not only look great, but they won't break your budget either. So here we go...

1. Since the metal is made usually by blending copper and gold, our first tip is to pair it with copper jewelry.

2. Wear it with turquoise... NOTHING will look better than your rose gold accessory paired next to either a turquoise piece of jewelry, or even clothing!

3. If you want to make your rose gold even rosier... Try wearing it with coral, rose quartz, or even rose crystal jewelry, for the ultimate glowy look.

4. Don't think that it can't be paired with yellow gold, because it can. You just have to follow a few rules to pull it off. Mix it with a gold that is more "antique" looking,  which will have more of a darker hue to it. Or try a green gold hue, because if your gold it too yellow the rose gold will just sorta "fade into the background".

5. When wearing rose gold with silver, again look for a more muted silver, not something too bright.

6. Also, this is just a quick little tip. Remember that there is no such thing as "PURE ROSE GOLD"...  since it's made my blending an alloy with yellow gold, there can never be such a thing as pure rose gold!

7. Make your rose gold stand out more by wearing it with copper accessories. For instance, a belt or a bag. This will also add a little extra something to your outfit.

Are you guys liking the rose gold trend right now? If so, what is your favorite rose gold accessory?

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