by Lindsey Fox

A New Look 4 My Blog

Hey everyone, over the last couple days I have been frantically searching the internet for a new blog look! Below you will find the "read more>>" link.

I think I have finally found one!  This is the look that I originally chose, after fighting with it forever and at last getting the layout situated correctly, here it is. Believe me when I say that I looked at over a 1,000 different designs for this haha. I must admit though, I am really liking this one. I have changed the main page so that now you can see more posts at once. My main reason for doing this is simply because I wanted to be able to do more than one post a day every once in a while. Doing it this way will make it a little bit harder for the posts to "get lost" haha, and they will no longer be less visible!

There are also some other changes, other than the obvious look of everything haha.. If you will notice my blog also feature a new section called, "Fashion and Beauty Tips" that constantly gives a new tip. A couple of other changes are that my YouTube subscribe box is now gone, this change wasn't by choice though, simply because the gadget that I used was broken "insert sad face". Also,  my video bar and linkwithin that was always at the bottom, they are no longer there (these are just because I had to do so much deleting and rearranging of the layout, that I chose to delete them).

Oh! Let me apologize before I continue any further... I have tried everything to make the "read more>>" link stand out more.. honestly though, I couldn't begin to tell you what the little extra links in between the beginning of the post and the "read more" link are. Hopefully you all don't have too much trouble find it though. If you have any idea how to delete them please comment and let me know!

On an even better note though, since my camera charger was found, I did film a new video on it today! I hope it turns out ok since I am still trying to figure out where in my house I will be filming at, and where has the best lighting, and so on..

In the meantime, here are a look at my two newest videos:


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