by Lindsey Fox

Stylish Beachwear

Hey everyone! I hope that you are all liking the new look and features of my blog.  I have put together a really cute and stylish beach outfit to share with everyone, just click the "read more>>" tab below to see what I came up with....

Stylish Beachwear
This outfit was actually inspired by the bikini that I bought for this year... the exact one is the pink one featured above from Victoria's Secret.. it also comes in LOTS of other colors as well! I threw in the picture of the red bikini simply to show you guys what it looks like when you put the halter straps on it (I myself, being "larger" chested... have to wear it with the straps haha).

Personally I love me some big vintage style sunglasses, so we can't forget those. Plus, what would a day at the beach be without a cute beach bag to put all of your beach supplies in? I even threw in a turquoise sarong for an extra pop of color. If you don't know what a sarong is, that's what the picture all the way to the left is for (the thing around her waist hehe)! Lastly, who doesn't LOVE a big floppy hat... over the past year or so I have searched for a great one, and just recently found one at a store here called 365 (I believe is what it is called) for only $7!! I couldn't believe the awesome deal that I got.

Notice that I didn't feature any flip flops? Well, that's because I personally do take them to the beach... but once I get around all of the hot sand they come off anyways haha. Besides that, they are sort of a pain to walk in in the sand, atleast to me they are!

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