by Lindsey Fox

Summer Sunset (A makeup tutorial)

Hey everyone! Check out my newest video inspired by a summer sunset. Click the "read more>>" link to see what I came up with!

This tutorial was inspired by the orange and yellows in the sunsets. After I was done with the look I ended up wearing it all day long haha! It was bright enough (especiall in person) to really see the colors, but it was also subtle enough to wear out in public.

This was a totally new way for me to film a tutorial, so I hope the camera angle and all that isn't so bad... I didn't realize until after I was done editing the video, that I never showed a great close up shot of the finished look altogether... so sorry about that. OH, and please ignore the awful tv in the background... I didn't realize it was even in the shot!

I hope you all enjoy this tutorial!

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